0208 Prejavu Lespayenkesutopistes


Makershuis Tilburg

PREJAVU is het platform van Makershuis Tilburg waar nieuwe makers zichzelf introduceren, presenteren en gloednieuw werk vertonen. Spannende cross-overs tussen dans, circus en theater doen je versteld staan.

Vanavond te zien:

- TeaTime Company: LINEAR (try-out)
TeaTime Company uses sticks. A lot of sticks. First they made the performance Stick-Stok. Now they started on a new adventure: ‘Pushing each of us further into our comforts and limitations we hope the combination of dance, Chinese Pole and juggling will continue to grow and that we can take the audience with us into this world. The seed we planted in Stick-Stok will now become a forest.’

- Les Payenkes Utopistes: Bonne Question!
Bonne Question! is a circus show that blends acro-dance and Cyrwheel. Created for any circus lover, young or old will be able to find something interesting, funny, or/and catchy.
Through the show, you will meet two performers, both dressed with long white skirts, colorful tights and uncommon hair style. Those two performers will start the show with a disagreement : they had the same idea and both claim it’s property. But slowly they will come to a mutual agreement. Using the fact that they think the same way, they will even manage to work together at the end.

- Rohiet Tron Poen Gie: We Shall Return
Who are we? Where did we come from? What connects us to each other? Where do we go from here? A search to find our identity, a glimpse into our history, a tribute to our ancestors.
A contemporary-urban dance performance with Rohiet Tjon Poen Gie, Tom Pham, Alison Duarte and Sergio Debevère.

0208 Prejavu


  • normaal € 17,00
  • Vroege Vogels € 12,00
  • FHK 50% € 8,50




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