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Soldiers | Final Recital Enrico Ferri

Get Out: Academy of Music and Performance Arts

The new historical play SOLDIERS will see light at Theater De Nieuwe Vorst, starring Cody-James Taylor, Sophie van Heusden and Ivo Wismans as three Italian infantry soldiers in WW1.

They will have to deal with their life choices in the ice-cold trenches on the Alps. Humanity and inhumanity, compassion and selfishness, silent cynicism and dim hope will shine under the spotlight, beneath the artistic direction of Björn van Duren and the music of Enrico Ferri.

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Starring CODY-JAMES TAYLOR – SOPHIE VAN HEUSDEN – IVO WISMANS; written by JURI FERRI; music by ENRICO FERRI and performed by MONODUO; ABEL TON, guitar BUMJUN YIM, piano; directed by BJÖRN VAN DUREN


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