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Carte Blanche

Get Out - Dance Academy 3

The third-year students of Fontys Fine and Performing Arts Dance Academy are excited to present their end-of-year artistic research. The evening program is an exhilarating collage of experiences curated by the young, creative minds eager to leave their mark in the artistic field. It includes works proudly choreographed by the students themselves, alongside works created in collaboration with experienced choreographers: a stage piece by Evelien Jansen and a film by Senna Amarnis.
Let us enjoy together this night of dance, which is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.


  • A dream more real than many could imagine Maria Sierra Carrión (co-creation with the performers)
  • new work Carolina Wilkinson & Kenji van Nieuwenhuizen
  • (Un)familiar Frann Schollaert
  • only dull people are brilliant at breakfast Adina Ternström, Olga Balinska, Ella Clayson, Frann Schollaert, Ellen Hallberg
  • new work (film) Senna Amarnis (co-creation with the performers)
  • new work Julia Nielsen & Ellen Hallberg
  • new work Evelien Jansen (co-creation with the performers)

The evening is moderated by Mariví van de Hooff

Gaia Cavagliá, Adina Ternström, Alexandra Kylerioti, Anaïs Van Caekenberghe, Caissa Aartsen, Carolina Wilkinson, Chiara Scharler, Dagmar van Dijk, Ella Clayson, Ellen Hallberg, Emma Thomson, Frann Schollaert, Koen Engelen, Helena Alemany Ortiz, Ida Osten, Jamie De Heus, Jana Duynslager, Jane van Beers, Julia Nielsen, Katja Butković, Kayra Bayraktar, Kenji van Nieuwenhuizen, Laura López Ferrer, Lino Eckenstein, Lio Jakob, Lotte Berger, Lúcia Karsai, María Mora Navarro, Maria Sierra Carrión, Mariví van de Hooff, Martí Aparici, Olga Balinska, Pleun Heefer, Soete Declercq, Sophie André, Stefan Zaric, Sara Ferreira, Ana Paula lemus Payiatsou


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